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Alven Chen is a serial entrepreneur and has founded many companies, mainly internet companies. He has founded Taiwan's largest car repair network platform, helping car owners to enter the car brand, location, and car condition on the Internet, and the platform will automatically match a professional car repair shop. ​( )


ALVEN has also created a cloud nutritionist program system, allowing people to input their health status and living habits online, and the program will automatically give dietary advice, exercise advice, nutrient advice, and healthy food advice. ​ ( )


Because ALVEN felt the difficulty of starting a business, and experienced many joys of starting a business, he also experienced pain and setbacks, making and losing money, trusting people and being betrayed by his partners, and living a stressful life, so he began to try painting and put all these years into his life. Feelings about starting a business are expressed in paintings and become a channel for expressing emotions. ​


Super$man series is a series of creations that treats every entrepreneur as a superman. With humor and rich composition, easy and simple brushstrokes, and childlike style to draw the hardships of starting a business for adults, and express the entrepreneur in a simple and easy-to-understand way. the situation faced.

super$man series

Global business cooperation community 


acrylic, 10F(53x45.5cm) , 2022

Entrepreneurs need to work as a team, tell everyone about their products and services, and attract buyers and partners from all over the world to join.



Entrepreneurs want to protect the treasure

acrylic, 10F(53x45.5cm) , 2022

Entrepreneurs create careers in order to earn money and make products and services that are beneficial to society. No matter what happens, every entrepreneur has a treasure to guard.


This picture records the war between Ukraine and Russia, and the United Nations is watching. Let us protect our precious people and wish them peace.




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Entrepreneur's fighting journey

acrylic, 10F(53x45.5cm) , 2022

On the road of starting a business, each stage has difficulties to overcome at each stage. The obstacles will only get bigger and bigger, and the enemies will only get stronger and stronger. Entrepreneurs are blessed by the power of God and move forward step by step towards their dreams.



Entrepreneur's money making ideas

acrylic, 6F(41x31.5cm) , 2022

Entrepreneurs want to make money and save money, and their mood is complicated. No entrepreneur is born to do illegal things, but things often develop unexpectedly. A just and just way of making money will eventually defeat evil.



Bitcoin's vitality bomb against traditional financial monsters

acrylic, 6F(41x31.5cm) , 2021

Bitcoin and blockchain have changed the traditional financial monsters, and Wall Street has been greatly destroyed. It needs the support of everyone. For example, the protagonist of the comic "Dragon Ball" Wukong uses the energy bomb to gather the power of everyone to overthrow traditional finance.


1 (1).png

Entrepreneurship is a constant battle

acrylic, 6F(41x31.5cm) , 2021

Starting a business is a lonely process. There are monsters all around, and there are many people to save. Starting a business is a constant battle.


I have been in business for more than ten years, and I deeply feel that starting a business is not easy. I also know the hard work of an entrepreneur. On the surface, it seems very beautiful.


My creations are all around the theme of entrepreneurs. If you like my works, you are welcome to collect them, I believe we can be friends. Your support will be the driving force for me to continue to create, and it is also an important spiritual force in my future entrepreneurial journey. I will continue to create a career that is helpful to the public.


At present, I only have a few works, but I believe that they are unique, and I will continue to create them. The number of future creations will not be large. It is definitely a good time for you to start collecting and supporting them now.


Alven Chen Say


There will only be 100 drawings in the Super$man series, and I don't know when it will be finished or how many people will collect it. Every three years, I will hold a collector meeting event. Everyone will fly to a country for a few days. I want to thank you face to face. I hope to communicate with you, and I hope that collectors have the opportunity to communicate with each other. After all, I'm also an entrepreneur, and it's great to be able to communicate business.

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